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Recent Projects

Some recent projects we have undertaken

We are proud of the projects that we have completed recently. Our approach is that anything is possible. We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next project with you.

porsche project selects HD Electrical

Porsche Newstead Showroom

Lighting Design & Installation


  • Project Technician: Dan Kilgour
  • Location: 147 Breakfast Creek Road, Newstead
  • Project Length: 4 Days

H&D Electrical was assigned the task to design the LED lighting to the Porsche showroom through our valued customer AP Eagers. The main focuses for the new showroom lighting was to decrease maintenance costs, decrease electricity costs and to better improve the level of lighting on the prestige vehicles.


H&D Electrical lighting project designer carried out Lumen LUX level testing of the existing lighting to help understand how the lighting could be improved and to identify what specification of type of light is required for the new installation.


The test results indicated that LED track lighting design was required to capture the correct beam angle of light to project effectively down on to the showroom vehicles. The LED track lights that suited the specification was a lighting system designed in Switzerland by an international leading lighting brand.


Our Project Technician completed the installation by using a fully automated Philips Dynalite control system; the LED track lighting was completed with dimmable components to achieve the perfect Lux beam lighting level for the showroom. The power and maintenance saving cost was very impressive and calculated to be $15,000 annually compared to the existing metal halide lighting system.

Porsche Project chooses H&D Electrical
Porsche Project chooses H&D Electrical
Porsche Project chooses H&D Electrical
Porsche Project chooses H&D Electrical

RACQ Branch Network Fitouts

Lighting, Data & IP Security


  • Project Technician: Tobias Sargent
  • Location: RACQ Chermside, RACQ Townsville
  • Project Length: 4 Weeks


HDE specialise in architectural fitout designs, primarily in Bank, Retail and Office environments, that have detailed drawings of lighting, power and communication equipment. We have had the privilege working with our valued customer RACQ for over 10 years, managing both refurbishments and maintenance. HDE will partner with RACQ to design and install electrical, communication and security for the roll out of 12 new branch refurbishments Queensland wide.


 HDE has developed a great understanding with design, organisation skills and scheduled planning to help with tight time frames whilst still producing high quality work. Some of the branches were refurbed in short time frames of only three weeks from start to finish.



H&D Electrical worked closely with the architects to ensure lighting design would deliver the perfect balance of style and comfort with ample lighting for staff and most importantly to capture the public’s attention. The light fittings chosen consisted of LED strip, spot, and panels by leading manufacturers which are all operated by a fully automated system, timed to turn on and off during the branch hours. This can also be adjusted to include after-hours use for cleaning staff and contractors.


To meet the aesthetic and design requirements from the client, ensuring power was supplied through a tidy cabling solution, we installed Elsafe power boxes with data & USB outlets. Communications entailed the most up to date technology, utilising Krone Cat6A copper to achieve the highest quality network speeds. The branch shop front displays an eye-catching double-sided advertising screen for product and brand signage. All the display screens in the branch are connected to a Bright Sign 4K HDMI optical player to provide the highest standard in audio and visual communication. CCTV was installed with the latest high quality Dallmeier DVR system to meet with our client’s high standard inspections.

100 Creek St project

100 Creek Street

Power Factor Correction


  • Project Technician: Ralph Hoole
  • Location: 100 Creek Street
  • Building Owner: ISPT
  • Project Length: 1 Week


The building at 100 Creek Street, has two transformer supplies from the supply authority. Transformer one is running at a 1.00PF and does not require any correction. Transformer two is running at a 0.92PF and does require correction as there is large amount of inductive load present causing poor PF.



Unit to be installed in MSB room on ground level. We have opted to use the Sinexcel SVG PFC unit which uses internal IGBT’s by using pulse width modulation signals to make the inverter produce the exact reverse reactive current of the corresponding load reactive content. The Sinexcel is a superior unit as it reaches above and beyond when correcting PF and extinguishing loses of power from harmonics as well. The unit will also require very little maintenance increasing speed of project ROI. As the calculations show, the building owner will be saving an estimate of $30,000 per year and a reduction in CO2 Emission of 8.69 tonnes per year.


An electrical load with a poor power factor draws more current than a load with an improved power factor for the same amount of useful power transferred and can put unnecessary strain on the electricity distribution network. By improving your power factor, you can reduce your electricity bills through lower monthly demand and capacity charges. Typically, payback periods for power factor correction are between 1-3 years. Given the life expectancy of power factor correction equipment and the potential savings, it can be a very worthwhile investment.


Poor power factor may cause power losses and voltage drops, which can contribute to overheating and failure of motors and other equipment. If your electrical system is near capacity, installation of power factor correction equipment may help avoid costly infrastructure upgrades by lowering the existing electrical demand on your system and improving efficiency stability.

bench top

Australian Benchtop Specialists

Mechanical Automation


  • Project Technician: Nicole Seawright
  • Location: 63 Kabi Circuit, Deception Bay
  • Project Length: 2 Weeks


One of our long term clients owns and operates a factory specialising in bench top design, fabrication, modification and supply to tradespeople and the general public. One of their many challenges on a day to day basis was the transfer and handling of their customised bench tops to different machines within the factory. Pieces were often moved by hand to each of the different stages of the production process. This manual labour not only placed undue strain on their employees, but also caused a loss in productivity as moving the products was time-consuming and tedious.



ABS came to us with an idea to automate the transfer process, not only to lessen the stress on their employees, but also to prevent any damage to the final finish of the products and most importantly saving our client in labour cost by increasing productivity by thirty percent.


HDE designed, supplied and installed a programmable Alpha PLC logic system catered to their specific needs and production schedules. This new and completely customised system made use of intelligent and up-to-date hardware manufactured by leading worldwide brand SICK, such as sensors designed specifically to identify each bench top finish type. Simplified control panels made production much easier by making start-to-finish production possible with the push of a single button. The system was designed to speed up and maintain a higher pace of production, regardless of the dimensional request of the products.

lighting solutions

Green Square North Tower

Prolume LED Lighting Retrofit


  • Project Technician: Anthony Kuhn
  • Location: Green Square North Tower, 515 St Paul’s Terrace
  • Project Length: 3 Weeks


The existing T8 fluorescent lighting in the basement car park levels and plantrooms throughout 515 St Paul’s Terrace, stay on for approximately 12hrs in basement and 2hrs in the plant room per day. Fittings are twin 36w fluorescent battens with electrical usage of 72watts.


The Facility Manager sought our recommendation for lighting upgrade options when a large percentage of the T8 lights were failing from faulty blown lamps and ballast. The Manager was looking for a solution with a longer life span than the average two years for the T8 lighting Battens, thereby reducing lamp replacement and maintenance costs.



Our Project team provided the building owner a full calculation for the retrofit, providing ROI comparisons using forward lifecycle and maintenance forecasts with improved energy consumption profiles.


HDE suggested to use Prolume fittings as we had recently retrofitted 340 Adelaide Street and the Citilink Building in Brisbane. The Prolume light’s integral microwave motion sensor instantly switches the light from standby light output (eight watts) to full light (35 watts) on detection of movement in the space. After a set period of time (15 seconds to five minutes), the light returns to standby mode. Prolume offer other models that sensor to off or just stay on constantly until switched off by control. The reason for 3 different types is so that installation of Prolume meet requirements of Lux light output due to safety standards and save maximum power.


The carparks will have all 3 different types of Prolume light Battens as mentioned above and have been installed and mapped out and calculated to require lux levels.

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